International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Culture

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About LLC

The “LLC – International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Culture” is a peer reviewed journal which accepts high quality research articles. It is a quarterly published international journal and is available to all researchers who are interested in publishing their scientific achievements. We welcome submissions focusing on theories, methods and applications in Linguistics, Literature and Culture, both articles and book reviews. All articles must be in English.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide greater and faster flow of the newest scientific thought. LLC’s role is to be a kind of a bridge between the Linguistics, Literature and Culture Sciences researchers in Europe and around the world. The “LLC” is opened to any researchers, regardless of their geographical origin, race, nationality, religion or gender as long as they have an adequate scientific paper. The LLC encourage a vigorous dialogue between Linguistics scholars and practitioners.

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  • All articles must be in English.
  • Please allow the very short period for review process to finish. Due to the reviewers` efficiency LLC provides and promotes fast review procedure.
  • All articles must follow our template in Microsoft Word. Article that does not follow template styles and formatting will not be printed until the author formats the document in the proper format.


  • Who can publish in LLC ?
  • Does the LLC concentrate on a specific scientific field of study?
  • LLC is published online or in printed?
  • Do the authors receive a hard copy after the online publication?
  • Are LLC articles available online without charging a fee?

LLC – International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Culture”

ISSN [2518-3966]

Publisher : European Scientific Institute, ESI

Primary address: 

St. 203, No.1, 2300 Kocani, Republic of Macedonia

- International Legal Studies Center
Rua da Cruz, nº 55-1º andar, S.José, 9500-051 Ponta Delgada
Azores, Portugal

Camacua Street 245
Buenos Aires ZIP 1406,

According to LLC policy, the journal will provide:

– An agile and objective review procedure

(a review form is available on the website: see submission part)

– A letter of acceptance, which is issued right after positive reviews

– No additional costs for hard copies and post fees

The European Scientific Institute, ESI is affiliated to the United Nations Academic Impact.

The European Scientific Institute is a signatory of the official Declaration of commitment to the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for Recruitment of Researchers as recommended by the European Commission. For more please visit the official web site of the European Commission:

European Scientific Institute, ESI is also a member of ICORE (International Community for Open Research and Education).


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