Who can publish in LLC ?

LLC is opened to any researchers regardless of their race, nationality, religion, political orientation or sex, as long as they have a suitable and original scientific text which has been approved by our editors. LLC encourages women to send their texts as well.

Does the LLC concentrate on a specific scientific field of study?

Yes, we welcome submissions focusing Linguistics, Literature, Culture and communications, both articles and book reviews.

LLC is published online or in printed?

Both, each online edition of the LLC is published in paper, too.

Do the authors receive a hard copy after the online publication?

Author(s) will be entitled to one printed copy per author free of charge, but not more than two copies per paper. Authors can also get additional copies of the printed journal by paying 20 EUR/26 USD for each additional copy.

Are LLC articles available online without charging a fee?

The LLC accepts and promotes open access policy of its editions. This means that each of its publications are freely available in an online form for the academic public. Having in mind “LLC – International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Culture” editions contain high quality scientific articles by researchers from different countries, LLC contributes highly to the international development of science.


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