Aims and Scopes

Founded in January 2014, LLC strives to become a kind of bridge between the linguistics, literature and culture sciences researchers around the world. LLC`s editorial board represents network of experts from different universities and countries across the globe. Many of them are authors who have already explored the journal as a venue for their academic works. On its way to scientifically sound publications, it connects reviewers and authors from different countries and academic titles, providing knowledge transfer and sharing of best practices.

The journal strives to provide a rigorous peer review procedure in a decent time frame. At LLC, we succeed to provide a prompt initial screening of the papers and assignment of adequate reviewers. Every submitted paper is reviewed by at least two of the LLC reviewers.

As a peer-reviewed and open access journal, the International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Culture (LLC) publishes manuscripts in English language, using double blind peer review and open peer review model. The journal follows the newest trends in the area of publication ethics. It is issued quarterly, producing new editions on the last day of March, June, September, and December every year.